The Committee

Amar Mashru

Role: EMTA Chair

Amar Mashru is a Higher Specialist Trainee in Emergency Medicine and Subspecialty Trainee in Prehospital Emergency Medicine currently based in the South East of England. Amar joined EMTA in 2016, co-managing our social media presence and communications.


Amar is the current EMTA Chair, having taken over from Paul Stewart in July 2019. He also sits on the RCEM PHEM PAG, Environmental SIG and ATDG. Amar previously held the role of EMTA Rep to the Training Standards Committee of RCEM. He led on our #RestEM Campaign targeting our attitudes and culture towards break, rest and sleep within the specialty. In 2017 he co-led our National Conference, #EMTA17, based in London.

Dale Kirkwood

Role: EMTA Secretary 

Dale is a ACCS CT2 working at the Royal Preston Hospital. He is the current EMTA Secretary focusing on improving EMTA’s internal governance and transparency. He has interests in quality improvement, education and leadership and currently represents on the Quality Assurance and Improvement subcommittee, part of the Quality in Emergency Care Committee (QECC).


He will be leading the 2020 EMTA Conference so please get in touch if you feel you have a workshop or presentation that would challenge our delegates. 


Previously Dale has been the Chair and Deputy Chair of the BMA North-West Junior Doctors Committee during the height of the dispute, part of the National committee of Sexpression:UK (Charity) leading communications and branding and established a highly active local branch.


Dan Darbyshire

Role: Rep to ATDG and Sustainable Working Practices Comittee

Daniel Darbyshire is a Higher Specialty Trainee in Emergency Medicine in the North West of England, currently out-of-programme doing a PhD. Dan joined EMTA in 2019 as the trainee rep to the Sustainable Working Practices Committee and also became the EMTA Rep to the ATDG (Academy of Medical Royal Colleges Trainee Doctor Group) in January 2020. His current research is focused on staff retention in EM.


​He has research experience in medical education, patient safety and patient experience, primarily using qualitative methods.

Dan .png

Mark Winstanley

Role: Training Standards Committee Rep

Mark is a military trainee currently working as an ST3 at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. He joined EMTA as the EM ACCS rep on the ICACCST committee and has now transitioned to be the rep on the Training Standards Committee (TSC).​


He has an interest in technology and digital education. Currently he leads the RCEM learning Podcast team and is 2019/20 RCEM Digital Education Fellow.  He is intending to pursue a sub specialty in Pre-hospital emergency medicine

Jon Bailey

Role: ATDG Rep

Dr Jon Bailey is an ST5 in Emergency and Intensive Care Medicine in Thames Valley LETB, a PEM and PHEM dual sub-specialist, honorary senior clinical lecturer and part time PhD student.


Jon is a former president of EMTA, former chair and current member of ATDG, sits on working groups with the GMC and HEE, and lead the EMTA survey in 2016 and 2017.  He is also vice chair and survey lead of PHEMTA, and an associate founding fellow of the FMLM.

Nick Mani

Role: Curriculum Rep 

Nick Mani sits on the RCEM 2021 curriculum sub-committee having contributed to the non-clinical, PoCUS, and PEM syllabus. He is also part of the RCEM PEM professional advisory group with Beth Barrett.  He studied in Sheffield after which he moved to Scotland to completed a two year academic foundation training. Subsequently he returned to God’s Own Country and is currently an EM HST and PoCUS Senior Fellow.


Nick is mainly interested in PoCUS, PEM, Med Ed & Evidence Based Medicine. He is Deputy President of Yorkshire Society of Emergency Medicine, is on the PoCUS deanery level 1 faculty, and QIP lead for the society. Nick is very keen to represent trainees to improve training, wellbeing and future of EM sustainability. His career aspiration is to sub-specialise in PoCUS currently accrediting in level 2, and PEM.


Anna Blackwell 

Role: 2019 Conf Rep 

Anna Blackwell is about to complete her ST5 Emergency Medicine year in Wessex. She studied graduate medicine at St George’s after a first degree in music at Cambridge and a career in journalism and NHS communications.

Her interests include PHEM, public health and its relationship with EM, and medical humanities.


Anna led on EMTA’s 2019 conference.

Kuldeep Kaur

Role: Education Committee & TSC Rep 

Dr Kuldeep Kaur is dual training in Emergency and Intensive Care Medicine in the East of England region.  She is interested in medical education and simulation, and regularly teaches medical students and doctors, in addition to examining medical students.


She sits on the education committee.


Jonathon Lowe

Role: EM Leaders Rep

JLowe is a Military ST5 in the Peninsula and MOD Deaneries and sits as one of the trainee representatives to the EMLeaders National Faculty and Steering Group along with Lara Somerset. He is currently the regional representative for Higher Speciality Trainees within the Peninsula Region.


Along with an interest in point of care ultrasound and education, having helped found the Peninsula EM Digital Education Faculty, JLowe is also the Specialist Registrar to the British Antarctic Survey Medical Unit acting as a liaison for the Tri-Service Emergency Medicine cadre. He currently manages an OOPE for Military trainees aligned to cold medicine and also sits on various Military Specialist Interest Groups aligned to Emergency Medicine.

Richard Bullough

Role: Education Committee and Exams 

Richard is a LTFT ST5 in Cornwall and Devon with an interest in Medical Education having completed

a teaching fellow job in Lincoln. His interests also include Medical Leadership and Human Factors.


​He sits on the Education Committee and Examinations Sub-Committee as HST Representative.

Beth Barrett.png

Beth Barrett

Role: APEM Rep 

Beth is a LTFT trainee in KSS currently taking an OOPT between ST5 and 6 doing sub-specialty PEM training in Wessex.


She is the RCEM APEM trainee representative and has an interest in the development of the PEM curriculum and recruitment process.

Katy Ritchie

Role:  EMTA Scotland Rep

Katy is post ST5 EM trainee working in the North of the Scotland Deanery, currently doing OOPE for Scottish Clinical Leadership Fellowship with Scottish Government and NHS Education for Scotland. She joined the EMTA committee as the Scotland Representative and also the RCEM Trainee Representative for the Scotland Board.


Katy graduated in 2011 from the University for Aberdeen and after completing ACCS in the West of Scotland, she took a year out of training to work in Auckland City Hospital ED before returning to the North of Scotland for HST.


Carie Thomas

Role: EMTA TERN Rep 

Dr Carrie Thomas is currently a LTFT ST4 in Emergency Medicine based at St Thomas’ Hospital, London. She graduated from University of Bristol in 2008 and has trained predominantly on the south coast and south London.


She was LTFT for competitive rowing during her ACCS years and has spent time out of program developing her interests in PEM, Research, Medical Education (by completing a PGCert) and in PHEM experience during a clinical fellow post and ongoing events at London Stadium.


Carrie was the #EMTA18 Conference Lead and one of the EMTA Representatives to the TERN executive committee, for which she is the Chair.

Cath Botting

Role: EMTA Wales Rep

Cath is an ST6 Emergency Medicine Trainee in South Wales. She graduated from Cardiff University in 2011 and chose to continue working in Wales.

Cath is the EMTA committee’s Wales representative, and she is also trainee representative for the All Wales School of Emergency Medicine.


Cath will be commencing sub-specialty PEM training in February 2020.

Cath botting.png

Hannah Baird

Role: EM Leaders Rep 

Hannah is currently a ST3 in Emergency Medicine in the North West region. She has a keen interest in medical leadership and has just completed a Masters in Medical Leadership at Lancaster University. She is currently a LTFT trainee undertaking an Improvement Science Fellowship alongside her clinical training.

Hannah has organised several regional events for trainees and set up TIPSQI (Trainees Improving Patient Safety through Quality Improvement) an award winning peer lead training programme for Junior Doctors across the North West. She currently chairs the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management (FMLM) Trainee Steering Group and is currently contributing to the RCEM EMLeaders Programme.

Olivia Corn

Role: RCEM Global Emergency Medicine Committee Rep 

Dr Olivia Corn is an ST3 ACCS-EM trainee currently working in Newham. 


She has an interest in global health and infectious diseases and is part of the RCEM Global Emergency Medicine committee.

Olivia Corn .png
Liz Hutchinson.png

Lizzie Hutchinson

Role: Safer Care Committee Rep

Dr Lizzie Hutchinson is an ST4 trainee in the Yorkshire and the Humber region. As part of her interest in leadership and management, she undertook an OOPE in 2016, focusing on patient safety and quality improvement within the Future Leaders Programme.  This opened the door to EMTA as she became involved in RCEM’s Safer Care Committee (SCC) feeding into the larger Quality in Emergency Care (QEC) group as a trainee representative.  Part of this work involves looking at national safety issues within Emergency Medicine as well as contributing to the RCEM Safety Newsflashes that land in your inbox.


Lizzie is currently about to start her ST5 LTFT at Grimsby’s, Diana Princess of Wales Hospital from September 2020 whilst continuing to juggle family life.

Rebecca Yates


Rebecca is an ACCS ST2 in West Yorkshire and is currently one of the EMTA ACCS representatives sitting on the ICACCST and RCEM Exams and Education committees. Rebecca completed foundation training in Wales and was awarded Best Foundation Trainee 2018.


During her junior clinical fellow year in Leeds she was co-creator of the Leeds ED positive feedback and Leeds ED fight club projects. Rebecca currently holds a scholarship with the Healthcare Leadership Academy and is Vice President of the Yorkshire Society of Emergency Medicine. She is keen to explore pre-hospital medicine and medical education in future OOPE/Ts. 

Rebecca Yates.png

Anoopkishore Chidambaram


Anoop is an ACCS trainee about to start his ST3 in Wessex. He is currently one of the EMTA ACCS representatives and sits on the ICACCST and RCEM Exams and Education committees. Having done his initial medical training in INDIA he moved to the UK in 2017 to further his career in Emergency medicine.


He has a great passion for teaching and instructs in various life support courses. Anoop has guided various doctors especially IMGs with their exams and specialty interviews. He is interested in PoCUS, PHEM, PEM as well as Medical Simulation and is currently doing his PgCert in medical simulation.

Lara Somerset

Role: EM Leaders Rep

Lara is an ST4 in Severn, having moved to the South West after training in Sheffield. She is one of the trainee representatives to the EMLeaders National Faculty and Steering Group. She co-launched the ‘Rising to the challenge: EMLeadership during COVID-19’ survey and has recently been working as an EMTA trainee representative to the new RCEM ePortfolio advisory group.


She is also working with the Health Services Management Team at the University of Birmingham on an evaluation of the South West Clinical Leadership Mentor Programme. The report is due to be published soon looking closely at leadership development within medical education.

Lara Somerset.png

Josephine Mo

Role: EMTA Mental Health Committee Rep

Dr Josephine Mo is an ST3 in the North East region. A born and bred Geordie, she graduated from Newcastle University after obtaining previous degrees in Psychology, a Masters in Neuroscience, where her research was centred around cognitive bias and perceptions of body image and eating disorders, and a Diploma in Medical Sciences. During her medical school years, she was the first president and co-founder of the ‘Mind the Gap’ society at Newcastle University, which strived to promote knowledge, understanding and wellbeing of mental health. As well as this, she organised national conferences with this society, working closely with mental health charities and the RCPsych. She has also previously been awarded and completed a three-year fellowship with the Royal College of Psychiatrists.


Her interests include raising awareness of mental health in EM, bridging the gap between psychiatry and emergency medicine, research and education and the wellbeing of EM trainees.